I want to curb my cellphone use

Grabbing my cellphone has become my go-to motion whenever I feel stuck. And it has significantly impeded my ability to focus and think through things. I will try to fix it.
But before fixing anything, I need to first learn when do I usually pick up my phone, what are the reasons and how much time have I spent using it.

Statistics about phone usage


I pick up my phone roughly 100 times a day. Most of the pick up are for messaging. They would often occur during the day


For both my iphone and ipad, the average time is about 5 hours a day. I should taking 2 hours out of it since I use notability to take notes. So on average I spend 3 hours staring at my phone.

Why do I pick up my phone

A quick get away from frustration at school works

Whenever I get stuck at a question, instead of focusing on solving it, I would turn to my phone for a quick stair and information intake to relief the frustration.

Fear of missing out?

How to fix it

Move my phone away from me when I need to focus

Put it in your backpack

Find a substitute for it

Whenever I get tired, I should just take a short nap instead of staring at my phone for 5 minutes. Or read the wired magazine; I got 3 in the queue now. Or some other things that’s more productive such as taking a short walk.


Goal at 3.25

Cut down wechat usage to less than 1 hours
Read hacker news on your laptop

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