What exactly is foobar?

Recently I encountered a coding challenge called foobar challenge and it piqued my interest in the origin of foobar again and after some searches in Google, I found this: Etymology of “Foo

Too be honest it is my first thorough reading of any RFC and it might be the only RFC where network is not of primary concern. I enjoyed reading it and would love to share that with people who might visit this site.

If you are too lazy to read RFC I have a quick summary: FooBar might come from a World war two acronym

Foo and bar are often used as variable names and place fillers in programming tutorials and technical documents. Their origin can be traced back to FUBAR, an acronym used in World War II. It stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. FUBAR itself might be a derivative of the German word `furchtbar’ (terrible).

Foo also showed up quite a lot in pre-war commic. They would often features odd phrases such as “He who foos last foos best” or “Many smoke but foo men chew”, and had Smokey say “Where there’s foo, there’s fire”. Supposedly the guy who was credited to bring popularity to Foo,Bill Holman, got his inspiration from the Chinese character 福, which pronounced foo. A side story, he is also the guy who used Notary Sojac, a phrase I saw in the challenge when I typed in nonsense in the Google foobar challenge.

This is just a glance of the RFC. If you wanna learn more about foo, go check out the article! BTW, it is published in April fools day.